Bespoke Modular
Air Handling Unit

A range of customisable air handling units with air volumes up to 14 m3/s.

All models 50mm Double-Skinned Acoustic Panels to Reduce Noise with frameless construction, providing the highest classification for both casing strength and air leakage.

Frameless Construction


RAL Colour
Finish Options

After Sale
Site Support



Shopping Centres


Leisure Facilities

Research Laboratories

Food Service


Public Buildings



Education Building

Expansion requirement for a bi-directional mechanical ventilation within an education setting to provide volumes up to X m3/s of supply & extract air. Modular assembly in plant room of a double decked Thermal Wheel Air Handling Unit complete with X comfort coil & packaged controls

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S&P were very helpful through the design stage where we had next to no space to locate ventilation plant.

Their team worked with us to provide bespoke units to meet the design criteria to a high quality.

Their aftersales team who came and commissioned the unit were second to none. They ran through the Large AHU that we installed and went through all the functions working without other trades to ensure all ran as intended.

Two-year warranty for peace of mind

An S&P Product is installed somewhere in the world every 6 seconds

Full in-house technical design support with our expert team

Integrity Assured Technical information you can trust

Customisable Features

Customise the unit with the following features

Weatherproofing (Roofs/Cowls/Louvres/Dampers) 

Dedicated Lifting Brackets for Modular Sections 

Run and Standby Fans 


Lighting Portholes

Lockable Handles 

Access Sections

DUOVENT with Weatherproofing (Roofs)

DUOVENT with C4 Finish

Customise the unit with the following features

Standard Finish (Galvanised Steel, painted in RAL9002)

Galvanised Steel 

Stainless Steel

C4 (Coastal Protection & Anti-Corrosion, painted in RAL9002) 

Other RAL Colours

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